Adult Career Guidance and Advice

Career advice for adults is every bit as relevant as it is for a younger age range. A commonly held misconception is that the provision of career advice is mainly applicable to secondary school students and school leavers. Statistics show, however, that it is the adult-age individual who often presents seeking advice about career transition and advice about how to place themselves in a rapidly changing world of work.  

  Are you someone of adult age who has been dissatisfied with the career or job you currently find yourself in? Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole with regard to your work situation? Pathwise Careers can help you identify fields that provide a better match to your unique set of skills and qualities.

 Are you returning to the workforce after a period of absence, perhaps, due to factors such as child rearing or care of a significant other, injury/ illness, redundancy or unemployment? If so, Pathwise Careers can assist you identify potentially suitable options, undertake necessary labour market research and plan your steps into a new work or career environment that is likely to satisfy and fulfil.